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Week in the Life 2014: Tuesday

Ah, Tuesday.

THIS! was the first thing I saw this a.m. The dog hair!! arrrrgh! All night long the beloved pooch paced the hall outside my room, scratching and getting into the bathroom garbage...NASTY dude. I will spare you the photo evidence of that little episode.

Today my youngest daughter is sick with what we are calling the tuberculoid chest funk. When she coughs it sounds like a death rattle, it is disturbing. She (and her devoted sibling) spent the day here in front of the T.V. napping/coughing/snoozing/watching/whimpering.

 The flop house. Where school books lay abandoned in favor of Ben Ten.

Tea with a special message for the sick one.  And coffee for me.

The lunch dilemma. It happens every day.  Has to be my least favorite meal of the day.
Thus we had Oatmeal cookies and milk for a starter then we split up some leftover Chinese from our most beloved Chinese Restaurant.

Ironically, Ali and I had the same idea today: we both took shots of our outside life. With a sick kid (and very supportive sibling) sacked out in front of the T.V. all day, I wandered out after lunch and between rain showers to see what I could see. Mostly I saw rot, bugs and rot, moldy rot, sludgy rot and slugs and rain; such is life in the Pacific Northwest.

 My husband gifted me this tree on our 20th Anniversary this year past summer. I am so excited to have lemons on the lemon tree. I sing to this little lemon tree when I'm outside, I love it so much.Grow lemons, grow!

The darkness of these stormy days...I am already over it. I love fall but I am feeling so blah this year.

SO grateful for our wood-stove that keeps us cozy and warm. I am thankful for my hard working husband and kids who procure our winter's worth of wood.

Thankful for this dishwasher, a total score at the local Goodwill and for the mad mechanical skillz of my husband who made it work. I am thankful too for an end to such a long season of hand washing.

My youngest boy-child is 10 and lives by the boy code that showers kill your super powers. His clothes pile on the floor of the bathroom makes me smile.

Stove popped corn is our current favorite snack. We each doctor it up differently. Daddy and Fidget like it best German style (sugar and salt), the boy likes his with Taco Seasoning and Fern and I like it Alfredo style (garlic, butter, parm+ salt and pepper).

Fern doing her school after returning home from work. Such a good girl!

Hubby taking a minute to plan lessons and check up on Facebook land.

I made breakfast for dinner and was heralded as the Coolest/Bestest/Most divine mom on the planet. It was food magic, as my cooking has come to be called.

My man sacked out with a full belly and his favorite book.

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