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Real Life Heath Care

I am not big on politics. I leave politics to the Mister. He has passionate views where politics are concerned. He likes to argue long over issues large and small. I prefer not to argue; this is just me. This is how it is in our house and for this reason politics aren't a hot topic at the dinner table. Quite frankly, in scope of my days, politics don't rank high on the list of things that take up precious brain space. Occasionally  however, certain topics pop up that warrant a bit of brain space.

In this house, while HeadStrong searched cookbooks for muffin recipes the "I's" echoed through our farm kitchen. This morning at Calamity Farm we listened to the voices of our countrymen echo loud through The House. Today, U.S.Senate is in session to debate a very hot topic in America. On the floor today is the matter of Defunding Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare. Senate is voting to advance a Temporary Spending Bill Defunding Heath Law. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas spoke for 21 hours straight on his view of this Act. Senator Cruz has passionate views that he's very willing to share.

 :: Currently the Senate is moving forward the Temporary Bill; 100-0
The Senate unanimously passed a cloture vote to limit the debate on the motion to proceed to debate on the Continuing Resolution. Senators now have 30 hours of debate on the measure to fund the federal government at current sequester levels of $986.3 billion through December 15 and to defund the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Today Katie has a few things she's willing to share, albeit not for 21 straight hours.

What I wish to know is this: Why, rather than address the issue of WHY people can't afford heath care, are we making a mandatory Heath Law?  Why does it cost so much moolah to fund the government; why can't these guys make budget like normal people do? Is it really necessary to have a bill that totes a whopping 33, 000 pages of regulations alone?  And don't get me started on the fact that they had to vote to limit debate on the motion to proceed to debate...really?  Wow. I'm not super smart but the " Keep it Simple Stupid" principle has a measure of truth that perhaps our politicians might embrace.

It all makes me about sick to my stomach.

A funny aside to today's big debate on health: My oldest, the one looking for muffin recipes, overwhelmed with a wave of nausea-  threw up all. over. the. bathroom. My thoughts on health care might be a little skewed today as my mind turns over the possibility of each of the 6 members of my household vomiting and who would be cleaning up the messes. And with that comes what to feed a crowd when dinner might be making a reappearance later.

Currently, our Senators are debating on whether or not to formally begin the debate.

I think I'm gonna be sick....

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  1. The whole thing is insane! And are you seeing these "affordable health care" rates people are being quoted for their policies? Or the penalties of fines, drivers license losses and home liens in they don't pay them? SCARY!


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