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Working with my word for the year (Be.) today. I thought I'd just be myself and share some quirky things about me because well....I'm quirky.

1) I am perpetually cold.
2) I like Peppermint Patties.
3) I drink coffee. A lot. It has to be HOT or COLD not in between.
3) I am grateful for my point and shoot camera but dream of a nicer, big girl camera. 
5) I hate to talk on the phone.
6) I am deathly afraid of heights.
7) I snuck out of the house once as a teenager; it was an epic adventure.
8) I have a nose ring. I love it but don't hardly ever wear it.
9) I have Fibromyalgia and my back is killing me right now.
10) My dream as a kid was to grow up to be an actress or a clog dancer.
11) I talk to my chickens, pigs, dog and kittens like they understand me...weird.
12) My favorite snack food is BBQ potato chips; Kettle Chips are the best!!
13) I cook all our meals from scratch. My friend Joy teases me mercilessly about this. She says "Heaven forbid you should make life easier for yourself." I tell her to stick it in her ear because she eats at my house all. the. time.
14) I paint with oil's, watercolors, and pastels. I am good at it but hate to admit it.
15) I have tons of cool fabric that I hope to make into quilts...someday.
16) I procrastinate. 
17) I love to vacuum tracks in the carpet. This actually makes my giddy. 
18) I am a glass half empty kind of girl.
19) I yodel. I love it. I am not ashamed to admit this.


  1. Guess I won't be calling you on the phone any time soon.... ;)
    This post was about as awesome as awesome can be. Especially the vacuum tracks~ I don't think the floor is clean if I can't see where I've been with it.

    1. I just knew we were kindred spirits! I really like talking in person so much more so that just means that we need to get together IN PERSON -yee haw!


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