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Caught: the weekend lens

  Captured my own reflection in this jar of Spiced Golden Plum Jam this afternoon.

     Sneaky Katie, caught these two friends (Lexie from the Back Acher and the lovely Em) snapping shots.

                                        Caught my youngest sneaking to town in her jammies.


Got my curls caught in the blackberries while getting in my car.  Had the kids run grab the camera so I                      could take a picture.  My children think their mother is nutty.

My darling beloved snapped this, the only shot, of the man child sporting his first big catch. And what a tasty catch it was.


  1. Wow, what a fish...

    There is NOTHING lovlier than canned jars of stuff...

  2. Misty, I have been canning like crazy. One of my children actually asked if I was expecting a nuclear Holocaust....

  3. What a great weekend behind the lens story. WOW WOW that fish is HUGE!! How awesome he must have felt catching it and feeding your family for dinner. Thanks for sharing your link.

  4. I love Fidget's face. The boy and fish have good looks too.


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