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The busy-ness of me

I have been flitting about in such a fashion as would make a Humming Bird nervous. I have forgotten where I was a few times. I lost track of time, got lost in town and forgot my own name while placing a phone order. Seriously, I have hardly keep the days straight. At one point I was processing a Canner full of jam, making supper, entertaining company, helping kids with school, watering the garden, loading the dishwasher, starting a new batch of jam, taking photos, reading a recipe and talking on the phone!

I have been overwhelmingly busy.  Dreadfully busy.  Much, much to busy for me....

I have canned umpteen jars of Tuna, barbecued Tuna, smoked Tuna, vacuum packed some 50 lbs of Tuna and Salmon and otherwise lived like and frankly, smelled like, a fish monger. I camped with my family. Attended two funerals, in the same day.  Attended a baby shower. Canned blackberry syrup, apple & pear butters, plum jam and rhubarb. Forgot to water and weed my garden.  Fetched my mother from town for a week of canning fun. I have taken an entire truck load of  "stuff" to the Goodwill, (thank you Joy).  Accidentally made cottage cheese. I have lovingly, labouriously, plucked raspberries from the vines in my garden and tucked them into the deep freeze. Visited friends and loved ones at the hospital in Big Town.  I have taught classes at church and home. I have shredded and frozen scads of zucchini. I have eaten my body weight in zucchini. Spent a morning getting in firewood with my family. I have dried tray, after glorious tray of herbs in my food dehydrator. In general, I ran like a head with my chicken cut off.

I have never in my adult life canned/put up so much food. Or run to town so many times while in the middle of said canning.  When returning from the grocery with mass quantities of large and small mouth canning lids and military sized bags of sugar, my oldest son asked if I was preparing for a nuclear holocaust.  Not a holocaust son, I said, just putting up food so I can feed you during your next growth spurt.  (Dear sweet baby boy, please stop growing!)

While not preparing for disaster, I have been busy filling the pantry with good, old fashioned, staples in hopes of making ends meet ( re: feeding of teenagers) All the while, juggling the things that make up this crazy, calamitous life of mine.  This kind of busy makes my very happy.   Crazy, but happy.

What's been keeping you busy lately?


  1. I love your voice in this post - what an enjoyable read! And why haven't we chatted lately? Ohhhh right, BUSY!

  2. LOVE this post... there is nothing prettier than jar upon jeweled jar of canned love for our families...

  3. I've been watchin' and I'm amazed and inspired (except the busy part).


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