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My youngest daughter loves to draw.  She is a self professed "artist" with a capital A.  Yesterday she asked me show her how to sketch a face....a real face.  So I broke out the Walter Foster "Faces" book and started to draw.  My daughter however, didn't like the fact that there were no fairies in this book so, she went off on her own to sketch out Manga Fairies. Fairies-schmaires!

What. Ever. 

I took a few minutes to finish out the sketch I had started and got frustrated and said "it's just not right".  My lovely daughter replied, "Stop that negative self-talk, right NOW!"


Just for fun, I decided to scan the sketch and BLOG it.  I am brilliant like that.  So....here is my 5 minute sketch.  (Mr.Calamity says it looks like our Librarian.Which I find odd seeing as how this girls eyes are too big for her head and her face is too short and her eyes are too far apart and...I cut the top of her head off in the scanning process.)  Anywhat.  

Maybe I should draw some fairies....


  1. Gah! The eyes! They are kinda wonky. And creepy!

    Ack! It's ME! I drew my own head.

  2. The two eyes of Katie. One sweet innocent and trusting everything, the other a bit devilishly interested in teasing and laughing and asking why or better yet why not. Yep I would know this young girl anywhere.

  3. I think it's fabulous! You could SO get a job in New Mexico! You know, sketching drawings of those alien thingies?


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