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Katie needs her groove back:: Part 2

As I searched through my archives this morning, I was hopeful of finding something to post; something that didn't require conscious thought or photo editing.

I had no such luck.


Most of the posts I have in draft are so dated they would require much more tweaking and consequently, editing, than I have the will power to attack.  Yet, I still wanted to post...something.

I stared at the blank post editor. Then I clicked over to Facebook. FYI: Facebook is a deep swirling vortex. It will suck your will to live.  At the very least, it will tap into your inner voyeur and will prevent you from doing anything other than checking the pages and comments and pictures of  every. single. friend.  And....it goes on and on.  Facebook is a vortex I tell you! (Facebook is evil.)  The thing I love most about FB is that I can chat with all of my best farm chickie friends (whose job it is to tell me to blog ALREADY!), my cousin in France (who loves reading about all of my calamities), my dear friend in Idaho (who adores my blog) and my Mom (who checks up on me via my blog) all at the same time. Which is what I was doing instead of blogging. So, I clicked back here and stared some more.  And so it went. Till I grew weary of the clicking. And the manic chatting.  And my poor lonely blog cried out....


So....I started and stopped. And stopped and started.  Then decided to just jot down the truth. The truth being, I have lost my blogging grooviness.

I want to have time and drive for blogging. Frankly, I want to have time and drive for just about everything but I also have a desire to make my blog more....well, just more. I want my blog to be what it once was.  I want my blog to be my online storybook.  I want to see something funny and think "That is totally blog-worthy. I should blog it".  I want to take pictures of the beauty around me and post them for all the world to see.   I want to find my groove again.

Blogging groove, where are you?


  1. You lost it in the FB vortex. I have a solution to that. :)

  2. Mantra from the Happiness Project is to fake it... So, fake it. Just write... once you start doing it, truly writing and excercizing that brain of yours- it will happen!

  3. Or,...join a FB 12 step program.

  4. I completely understand where you are coming from. I feel I always need to write something blogworthy, but I get on facebook and it is such a mindless escape...
    status update: 3:54 p.m. ~ "just ate a sandwich."


    Nothing blogworthy here right now other than it's hotter than a 2 dollar pistol. And I don't think anyone cares about that...

  5. Paula, I am so sorry its hotter than a two dollar pistol...cuz that's reeeeally hot!
    We should plan a girls escape wknd! No Facebook allowed! :)


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