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Rednecks live here

You might be a redneck if....

...you wear your seat belt as an accessory (Why yes, officer.  I always wear my seat belt) .  And you decorate your yard with old tires.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Dailey and his way cool, totally non-Redneck, iPhone.


  1. Well, it may be LESS redneck and TOTALLY Eco-trendy. Think about it. It's all cool to turn seatbelts into handbags and messenger bags. Plus, come on... Tires? i am sure urbanite gardeners use them on their sophisticated city roof tops all of the time... think LESS redneck and more cutting edge!

  2. The goggles make the outfit though.

    P.S. This is not Darrin Dailey.

  3. I love that we, here at Calamity Farm, are so trendy and Eco friendly....and we didn't even know it!

    Also, here at the Farm, we offer seat belts and goggles to enhance your farming experience.

  4. Shred 'em tires, press 'em agether ta flatem. usn yo big skinnen nive, cut ta undersid o chillens fet, sliper that ther leather straps around and thru em an yus gots shoes fur a long time. Now that is red-necked

  5. Awwww.... bless his heart...
    He will kill someone someday over this picture~ be forewarned.

  6. I have a cousin that purchased herself a seltbelt handbag. Came all the way from TexASS to do that. I think "safety belts" are brillant! They should have them installed in all the tippy chairs. ;)


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