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Summer Solstice

In celebration of the longest day of the year, I am sharing a picture of sunshine, as sunshine has been fleeting here in the Pac.N.W.   This is a shot of my favourite backyard tree, bathed in evening sunlight.  This is a Fringe Tree; it's scent is amazing and its ethereal beauty is a standout in the garden. (Also, Fringe Trees are in vogue right now. Who knew?)

I would highly recommend this beauty to all my gardening friends. I also highly recommend sunshine, it is good for the soul.

Have a lovely first day of Summer!


  1. It is gorgeous here... hoping that today officially turns whatever this murky, mushy season has been into one of summer sun and warmth...

  2. I wanna fringe tree! I'm all about what's in style.

  3. Riiiight, Joy. It is beautiful, and just the right size for landscaping.

  4. Glad to hear you're getting to see the sun, dearie.
    The fringe tree is lovely...very feathery-looking.
    (Did I say feather? *squeeal*)
    By the way, any babies so far?

  5. Paula, no sign of the babies thus far. They are wiggly but not pipping yet. Any day now....*eeek*

  6. You have a lovely site, I really love your header! Great colors :)


  7. Thanks for visiting Andrea! And thanks for the props!


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