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Loving life:: Birthday Edition

In honour of my 29th 32nd  35th Birthday I am posting two lovely photos.  To me they say "Stop and smell the Roses (or Camellias as the case may be)"  TIMES 10!  These photos scream, 'Love life; breathe it in deeply'.  And they make me smile.

Smiles are good, as frowning makes for wrinkles. Getting older has made me more aware of so many things.  Things like wrinkles.  Wrinkles are bad.  

Also, as a slightly unrelated aside; the growth rate of children makes me frown.  Why do they have to grow up so stinking fast? Really, and seriously.

Anywhat....for my Birthday, I am resolving to love life and all the wrinkles calamities therein. I am 35 again and life is good.


  1. Happiest of Birthdays to you! Funny girls! I think you need to resolve to stick more things up your nose and take pictures!

  2. You make me cry.
    Not just because of your beautiful pictures and words, but because I haven't seen 35 in several years. *snifff*

  3. Thank you girls for the Birthday wishes.

    Paula...don't cry.


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