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Katie Reads

I am a reader. Not to be confused with The Reader by Bernhard Schlink-which I have yet to read-as I am not taking a fifteen year old lover, just a lover of books.

Currently reading Dracula by Braum Stocker and Twilight by Stephanie Meyer for my book club. Dracula has been really hard to read and well, Twilight is... Twilight.

What are you reading? Any suggestions?


  1. I keep giving you book suggestions but I guess I can share with the class.

    The Red Tent. Brilliant.

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE A thousand days in Venice. yay for you...

    I want to read Bram Stokers too! i picked it up at the library yesterday only to learn it was spanish. ugh.

    And well, Twilight... But Gosh, KL. I am so jealous that you have a book club!


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