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Summer in pictures::A Royal Blast

During the balmy days of summer the Rural Firefighters treat the local communities to an Ice Cream Social disguised as a fundraiser. Leave it to those wily firefighters to lure in the locals with the promise of homemade pie and ice cream. Top that off with a down-home fire-hose dousing and you have what the Calamity Folk dub: A Royal Blast.

The Calamity boys took on the task of defending the family's honour in the Water Jousting event.

Bold Knight Head-Strong takes one for the team.

The Young Sire, Head-Long, gives it his all while looking especially smart in his stripes and fishes ensemble.

The Young Mistress shows her support by offering up her best(toothless) chocolate ice cream grin.

No ice cream shall go unvanquished!! (Or uneaten!)

No Royal outing is complete without a send off from Princess Grace herself.

Good times were had by all. Peace was restored in the kingdom.

And they all lived happily ever after....


  1. FANTASTIC photos!! My fave was the one of T getting it to the face. LOL!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Poor T. (HS or HL? I forget. I always think of Head from So I married an axe murderer anyway...) Such a guy though, peace his all due to him. All due to him...


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