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Yesterday I sauntered over to The Colony's Sanctuary and found a challenge. Not being one to pass on a challenge, I agreed to offer up a peek into my morning routine.

I diligently shot photo after photo of my morning. I painstakingly edited said photos. I agonized over what I would write (hello! linkage from The Women's Colony) the pressure was almost unbearable!

In the end it took me a whole day to prepare the blog post concerning my morning routine.

This morning however, as I was laboriously loading the much nurtured post into the draft window blogger decided to throw a fit. A full on tantrum would be a better description.

I am heart broken! I am so tired of issues with blogger.

So Jodi, I almost can't bear to post a photo free blog but here it is.


Sunny mornings in the PAC NW are a rarity. Most often, the day breaks and I find myself ensconced in a dark blanket of fog. Unwilling to greet the day I loose myself in the land of blogs, Facebook and email. But when the day dawns and the sun bursts over the mountains, streaming through my bedroom window, I wake with a purpose.

It is on these brilliant, sunny mornings that I am at my best. I rise ready to greet the day.

I fetch myself a fat, steaming mug of coffee. I don my garden clogs, feeling the call of my waiting garden. Once there, I am transported through the looking glass. Coffee in hand, I stroll the rows of veggies first; searching for hungry marauders who threaten to steal my bounty. Next, I seek out the sanctity of the flower beds. Unlike Alice, I am on good terms with the roses.

By now I have drained my cup and make my way back down to the house. It is here I find the sleepy bodies of my children creeping from the warmth of their beds. Grumbling, they dress and do chores while I make them breakfast. Soon it will be time to start school.

For the rest of my morning I find myself surrounded by books, paper, pencils and the eager minds of my four children.

Maybe I will be able to sneak back through the looking glass before the day is done. For now I am content to play the Cheshire Cat. Sipping my coffee I contentedly watch the world open up before my children.


  1. Like you, it pains me to do a post without photos, yet ... this is lovely. Really. You wrote the pictures today. ;-)

    Thanks so much for taking part in this challenge. I hope that you'll do more in the future.

  2. lovely! sorry about the pics, but they weren't necessary :).

  3. i agree... pictures are lovely but this was pretty perfect, my friend.


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