{What is all the calamity about?}

{Farm Life} ....... {Art} ...... {Learning} ...... {Motherhood} ......{The Story of Us}

Summer in pictures...maybe.

What can I say? I have been busy.


  1. Obviously I still have bugs in the system...those pictures were not oriented like that in draft.

    O' well.

  2. You have, but it all looks so yummy!!

    At the risk of sounding dumb, what is that big round thing with the knife in it?

  3. YUM! I wish I had me a big ole hubbard squash...

  4. You've been very busy ! Have a rest and enjoy all of it ! Plum time is finishing here and apple time is starting, more work to come.
    Bisous. Maryse

  5. Looks like grandma took over and is having loads of fun with yah-good winter on the way.

  6. Callie, the humongous squash is a Hubbard variety which I turned into the most amazing spiced quick bread.

    So far I have canned the following: purple beans, tuna, peaches reg. and spiced and I am working on tomatoes today.

    Freezer goodies include: corn,squash and various herbs.


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