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The tryst continues...

From deep within the grey tunnel of sideways-driving-rain that is life in the Maritime Northwest...Katie sends you a tiny bit of pink tinted (albeit, slightly drippy) sunshine.

(Insert imaginary photo of lovely water droplet covered pink Camellia here)

Or she would... if there were not a continuing tryst...

Katie is about ready to do something drastic. Like, commit blogicide.

Or buy a new computer.


  1. NO Blogicide.... NOOOOOOOO....

  2. Take it easy and breathe... I had these issues a few weeks back and eventually they get ironed out if you pour yourself a stiff drink and watch reruns of The Office.

    I suppose it really doesn't work that way but it made me feel better.

  3. Have not resorted to dramatic measures. Just can't blog!!


    For the moment I can however, comment, where last week I could not...go figure.

  4. *tap tap tap*

    Anybody there? (echo)

    I been missin' ya... *sigh*


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