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Feeling French

I stayed over at Maman's last night. We went out for late dinner and picked up a Redbox movie; Mamma Mia. Watching the movie, being lulled by the songs we used to sing together and my teary eyed mother telling me that the young star "Sophie" reminded her of me as a girl, I was struck with a need to just be with my mamma.

This morning as we were strolling down memory lane together, looking through old pictures and nibbling on toasted French Bread slathered in mamma's Mirabelle Jam (sent to her special-delivery from our cousin in France) and the thought occured to me: I CAN BLOG!!

So, dispite my strolling and nibbling I logged in and stared blankly at the screen. It has been so long since I wrote. There have been weeks and weeks filled with tears over the sad state of my blogging ability. What on earth would I blather on about?

In honor of French Mother's Day (belatedly, as it was May 31st) I will blog about Maman.


I could tell you how much I love my maman's fabulous collection of silly socks:

I could tell you what an amazing artist my mother is:

I could brag about who I got my green thumbs from:

Or, I could just leave it at this:

Gros Bisous, Maman


  1. Tres amusante. Et charmante. Et I need to brush up on my Francais. Glad you're back among the blogging.

  2. so happy to see your post in my reader... and such a lovely post it was! LOVE the photo of you and your mom...

  3. Great post! I had no idea you had a French connection!

  4. This was precious!! I, too, was happy to see your post in my reader, even though it was about 200 deep. I waded through all the stuff to get here :) Love ya!


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