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Typing left handedly

In the immortal words of Shaggy

"Like yowza, Scoob!"

Yowza was the most mild of terms, used by me, as I broke boards (and quite possibly my hand) at Tae Kwon Do class last week. Hence the one handed typing. UGH! The agony. The bruising, ego included. The big ugly wrist brace is quite a hindrance to well, say any task requiring the use my right hand and arm really. I look pretty funny twisting my whole body around all wonky-like just so I can use a fork. Yeah, I know what was I thinking? I was thinking I could totally break that board and I did break it, on the first try too. However, I was not thinking about my Fibromyalgia or that fact that I am in my thirties and out of shape...nuff said.

So, while I sit around waiting for my hand to heal, know that I am dreaming of the good ole blogging days when I actually could (even though I didn't) blog and the day when I can whip out a great blog and not have it take me an hour to type it out one handed.


  1. oh no!!!! these are sad days!

    did your girl get her package?

  2. Are you keeping a log of all these calamities? You will probably break some kind of record. Hope you heal quickly.

  3. Oh I'm so sorry you're hurt - I hope you heal quickly!

  4. Oh Katie,

    I'm so sorry about your hand! And your FM. Hugs to you dear...

  5. Rut-rhor!

    Hopefully you're on your way to mending quickly!!

    To answer your two questions from my posts ..... didn't lose any pictures [thankfully!!], just everything else (links, emails, email addys - just the annoying things).
    Also, I'm finishing up with my business management degree, and will get my counseling degree as a master's to become a school guidance counselor.

  6. Poor thing...
    I've found the older I get, the better aquainted I get with those smelly ointments my mom and dad (and grandparents) always used...*sigh*...
    Hope you're on the mend!


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