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Well, well...

Just a little photo love from the land of non-stop calamity fun.

Spring means: Outdoor Theatre a la' HeadLong. Notice the enraptured crowd of Suite girls? That boy has Jedi skillz in the story tellin' department.

Spring means: Leafing out.

Spring means: Gloriously golden sunsets, when the clouds part long enough for us to catch a peek.

Spring means: Keeping those white uniforms white is the biggest challenge I face on Tae Kwon Do class days. Can someone tell me who thought dressing kids in head-to-toe white was a good idea?

Spring means: Puppy love. Who could resist a mug like that?


  1. I am trying so hard to resist the addition of a new dog to our household...but I keep seeing puppy pictures everywhere!

    Cute photos.

  2. Gosh that puppy is just delicious. I bet he still poops like every other dog though huh? haha! I totally thought the pic of the kids all on the trampoline together was GREAT! Our trampoline is still upside down - gotta do that to keep the windstorms from sending it off to the neighbors from time to time.

  3. I want to snorgle that puppy in the worst way! My girls are DYING for a golden retriever. My husband really wants some sort of sheperd mix. I'm trying to resist until after we take our three-week vacation to Europe this summer. Because a BORED puppy is a BAD puppy.

  4. HAH! Fidget's HAIR! That just made my day.

  5. Great pics! I love the trampoline pic. :)

  6. Glad to see you back Katie - hope your arm is healing.



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