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Pardon me...

Being under the influence of Spring, is a detriment to one's blogging. I know what you are saying: Priorities! Girlfriend, get with the bloggin'!

I do have to defend my honor (or some such nonsense) I have been blogging, just not here. I have been cheating on this blog. It is terrible. Unthinkable! It's that blasted Spring thing again. It's got me all jumbled up inside. I can't think straight. So, I have been sneaking off and jotting my thoughts (on Spring) down, journal style on my Little Farm blog.

Go ahead, check it out. You know you want to. :)

Back to being under the influence: I have to blame shift here a little bit more-K?! It really isn't my fault. The fault rests solely in the pages of the dadrabbit seed catalogs. No, really. Those companies just prey on unsuspecting gardeners like myself. They purposely fill the pages of those lovely little books with such glorious overpriced goodies. They suck you in with tales of how "you too can have tomatoes, year round, with the super-duper, upside down tomato growing thingie". And, for just a minute I think, well yea, I totally NEED the "super-duper, upside down tomato growing thingie". Heck yea! I need TWO! And while I'm at I better get just the right seed and some fertilizer and carrot seed and hey....what's that? roses, ooooh roses, and then there's the herbs and squash, broccoli, kale, garlic and potato's! We wouldn't want to forget those now would we. We might as well spend every last dime we have on this stuff because, HELLO, it's Spring!

And what does one twitterpated farm girl do in the Spring? What is the all important, Spring specific, planting thing to do? Why, plant pea's, of course. Lots and lots of peas. Snap Peas, Sugar Pod Peas, Shellin' Peas....

...seed catalogs be damned!

What is a blog are priorities when you have seed catalogs to get sucked into peruse?


  1. I want to buy some wild flower seeds to plant this summer, in hopes that they'll bloom this time next year!

  2. well I'm glad to know this because I've been missing you, my friend...

  3. I have to confess... I've been carrying on the same "clandestine" affair...
    (I always wanted to use that word in a sentence...)
    Anyhoo, maybe once the thrill is gone, I will get back to my blogging too. Maybe....

  4. Maybe I should take up seed cataglog browsing and turn my yard into something productive! It has to be better than browsing text books!

  5. I'm doing the seed catalog thing, too. Although I am beginning to doubt that Spring will ever arrive.


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