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True story folks; I lurve me some sprouts, yet sprouts are spendy little buggers. For one third the cost of store bought sprouts, I grew some myself. Aren't you impressed? I am. Having never considered growing my own fresh, organic sprouts, it occurred to that I could totally do this. (Yeah, that's how I roll. You should have heard me talking to myself in the seed store; Well this looks easy enough...I could do this?)

I am very pleased with the ease of such an endeavor.

Purchase sprouting seed
Purchase sprouting screen
Sterilize wide mouth Mason jar
Sterilize seed
Soak seed for 8 hours
Swish, drain
Rinse, swish, drain; twice daily.

Easy schmeasy!

For my first attempt I am sprouting Red Clover. I can't hardly contain my anticipation. I have been dreaming of fabulous sammies overflowing with fresh sprouts, salads teeming with crunchy little sprouts....ah the possibilities. And the health benefits!

I feel so cleaver.


  1. Oooh, lookit' all dem der leetle sprouts! Dey are CUUUTE... and yes, you are clever. And probably a little bit Cleaver too. hehe!

  2. YUM - My Grandma always grows sprouts - she's a little bit hippy like that - I love sprouts too but have never grown them - I need to.

  3. I never know sprouts could be so...
    cute! Whooda thunk it?
    The whole process sounds so much more fun than Amish friendship bread... may be you could share them.

    HEY! Share-a-Sprout!

  4. I vote for sprouts over Amish friendship bread! Nice work - I can't wait to try them. I'm ordering a few more things from Territorial seeds so I'll just get the screen myself - don't send it yet if you haven't already.

    I'm hoping for some more chicken pics soon! Nothing says spring like chickens.


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