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Birthday Girl

My baby girl is ten! TEN! When did that happen? I swear she's only...seven, yeah seven. Good grief, my little Fern is a young lady. ((sigh))

Fern was so concerned about her friend Sarah's health, she postponed her big soiree till Sarah has the OK from her doc to attend.

In true farm girl spirit, the Suite gals hosted us for a semi-suprise party complete with all the trimmings, sans roudy-ness of course.

Maddy and Sarah presented Fern with a lovely homemade cake (DELISH) and cards (LOVELY). Fern was ever the gracious recipient and blushed a rosy pink at being showered with such love and goodies.

The Suite girls, always the thoughtful hostesses, wrapped their guests in love, showered them with smiles and offered up the best chocolate covered strawberries....ever!

The Calamity Crew had a wonderful afternoon. Thank you again girls, for helping us celebrate such a special day.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Fern!


  1. See... I knew her birthday was coming up and I asked what day exactly but you never said. Dang it. Gen has a present here for the girl she calls her Oregon BFF... Another package to send, oh dear, must we really trust my timing of the matter????

    Happy birthday Fern! We Wagners love you!

  2. So sorry Misty! :( I am a slacker. And forgetful to boot!

  3. Nah. She's only seven. And you're only 25. Wait. Does that make you a teen mother? The math confuses me.

    What a sweetheart. Happy birthday Fern!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet little lady! And nice lookin bunch of friends you have... how lucky!

  5. I have had a few folks ask: What's up with that picture of all the girls? Why the strange blurring?

    Well, as Headlong was picking his nose and Miss G was picking her bottom, I thought it detracted from the cuteness of the goils. In the end, the blurring is distractingly weird.

    Sorry! Some day I will master PhotoShop!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby.

  7. What a beauty she is! Happy Birthday, Fern!

  8. Oh. Oh, she's beautiful.

    Congratulations, Mom.


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