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When I sat down to blog, all I could think of were the animals that roam here at Little Farm. So, I dug through my pictures and found some favourites to share with you. Enjoy!

Editor's note:
I am working on a face lift for Katie's Calamities; be patient with me as work through some kinks. Also, don't be alarmed if things are a little wonky for a bit. I am hoping to have a shiny new blog template, fully functioning, by the beginning of next week.

Thanks for your patience,


  1. Hi Katie,

    Love the pics! Since we are getting chickens this late spring I was wondering what your favorite kinds are? We can have 4 I think given the size of the doghouse they get to live in. They will have a pen in addition to the greater yard part of the day as well but the coop will be a converted very large doghouse with one or two extended nesting boxes.

  2. Great pictures of your animals. Love the cats in their little hiding places. Too cute. Good luck with the changes. That kind of stuff fries my brain.


  3. So did dog #1 come home???
    Dog #2 looks like my dog did when she was a baby! SOOOO CUTE! Be ware of the hip issues...

    I love goldens!

  4. Your puppy looks edible... be careful taking him out in public.

    Your chickens are gorgeous! They look happy and healthy and... hungry at that moment! ha!

    Cat's don't belong in the dryer! But they look fluffier at least. Do you use fabric softener on them?

    If you need help with your blog, call MEEEEEE!

  5. Give me that puppy and no one will get hurt.

  6. So to answer a few questions:
    Annette~my Silkies are by the easiest chicks to care for. They are small, don't eat much or require much space and are great pets. They do lay regularly but the eggs are small.

    Coco~ Thanks!

    Misty~Dog #1 is still AWOL and doggie #2 is about to make me nuts with the refusal to house train! Grrr!

    Lex~Yes! I do use fabric softener, how did you guess? And consider your self called to the front line, HELP ME with my blog! Please?

    Barb~How much would it cost to ship her to NY? :)

  7. Love the pictures! I didn't know you had Silkies. I have just one thing to say, though....

    Ahem, I meant the silkies...
    not yours...
    covered in quilt squares...


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