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Egg-stra, egg-stra

Ah, the joys of chicken raising. Eggs. Eggs and more eggs. As of Friday I had 40 dozen eggs in my fridge. Hello! FORTY dozen. Last fall, I was whining that my chickens hated me, as they refused to lay. Well, call it chicken guilt. Those chickies are going full tilt.

We have one little mama who is setting rather than laying. We call her Fluffy; she is a Splash Silkie. Silkie hens are very small but make great brood hens despite their small stature. Fluffy is determined to set no matter how many eggs litter her nest. She fusses over her eggs shuffling them to and fro. Try as she might though, she just doesn't have the size needed to set the lot of eggs she thinks she should hatch. Poor old girl. She gets mad as a hornet if you take one of HER eggs. A couple years ago, I caught her with 18 eggs. I thought she was going to drive her fluffy little self insane trying to keep those eggs warm.

This year, I am trying to get Fluffy to hatch out one of each variety of chicken that I currently house. We shall see how this plays out. For now I have my sights set on ordering a few of my favourite breeds; Americauna, Welsomer, Langshan and Buff Orpingtons.

On might wager, that with forty dozen eggs taking up precious space in the fridge Katie might be crazy for wanting to take on more chickens....One might be right but what is springtime without new babies? And did I mention, 40 dozen eggs?


  1. EGGS FOR SALE! C'mon, it works!! You aren't going to EAT All those are ya??!!

    I'm glad your girlies are getting with the program. Mine are coming along, but not as fast as yours. They've had a rather traumatic couple of months though, and I think having too many roosters around made them mad. We fixed THAT problem!

  2. I have read that you can freeze the eggs, but not in the shell. Maybe you can though. I don't know. Sell them. I know I would prefer buying them locally.

    You will be set for Easter won't you. I am in a group that sends out emails to locals. People advertise things like this. Before I moved I found a woman that grew too much veggies. I bought a ton of zuchinni from her as well as tomatoes and cucumbers. Delish.

  3. 40 dozen! Time to hit the farmer's market, sister! :)

  4. Wow! That right there is called success in Chickie world!! =)

  5. This is your dream life, friend! Sell the eggs! Sell the eggs! Can anyone say "cute roadside stand" ...?!

  6. Katie,

    People in the city charge $5 or $6 a dozen for organic, cage free eggs. Hello...perhaps a nest egg? Get it?

    Seriously though, how long do they last in the fridge? Just think of the size of that souffle!

  7. So you're luckier than your cousins in Lorraine. Here it's still too cold to get so many eggs.
    I wouldn't keep them more than one month in the fridge.
    Bisous from Maryse

  8. Wow- that is an egg jackpot there!! Must be some sore bottoms around your place...
    Do you ever feed surplus back to the girls? I boil the broken ones and small banty eggs and mash them up in their feed.
    Makes them VERY happy.

  9. Ooh, that is kinda creepy when you think about it. Isn't that cannibalism?


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