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Odds are...

Greetings from the farm! We have such exciting news. On Friday the 8th day of June, our mother hen Fluffy, who has been diligently setting on a clutch of 18 eggs received reward for her efforts. She hatched out 3 Silkie babies. Three out of eighteen, no too bad for odds, eh? They are no bigger than a golf ball, the most adorable thing you will ever see. Two are black, with a silverish sheen. My favorite is the little gray one that has markings like an Aracauna.
We left Fluffy to do what comes naturally and by Sunday morning she had left her babes shivering in the nest. My DH tried to get her to sit on them but she refused the many persistent offers of help. In the end we brought the poor chicks inside. To my DH's great dismay they were crawling with mites. Thus so was he. Being a mother I jumped right in and washed them up with baby soap. I was shocked at the amount of bugs that came off these little balls of fluff, but after a warm bath, snuggles and some food and water the chicks were good as new.
Just another day here on the farm......

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