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Always late to the party:

Last week as I was roaming around the blogosphere I found that Erin was hosting a Yellow Week. This inspired Tracy to join who in turn inspired me. I thought this would provide me some much needed blog fodder.


Umm, today would be Wednesday and I haven't even been on the computer since Valentine's Day. Sacrilege, I know!

Funny thing is that I don't even like yellow. In fact I have a long standing hatred for the color yellow. My first car was yellow; it blew up when I was driving it. The birthing room where I delivered my firstborn was decorated in the most garish yellow's; it made me ill to be in the room. When I was a girl we had a yellow lab who, every time she went into heat, bled all over my bedroom floor. Then there was the recent trauma of the Yellow Belt.

Yellow and I just don't get along.

So I thought maybe I should take the time to explore yellow. Wallow in the sunny goodness of yellow. Surround myself with yellow for a week.

As my husband says: How's that workin' for ya?

And as I say: Umm, not so much.

Walking around the farm this morning it became apparent to me that my sour relationship with yellow provides me no photographic opportunities other than the bunch of banana's sitting on my kitchen counter.

Yellow inspiration is elusive. This is going to be harder than I thought.

So I took off my glasses and let the colors blur and sought out just the golden tones of yellow. A-HAH! and Wa-la!

Here are my 'late to the party' yellow week pix.


  1. My favorite is the butter. It was like, well, butter.


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