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A friend in need is....

Once when the land whispered it's secrets to men in the high places, and men would listen to the Earth an, in doing so became more than simply two legged animals; there lived a young Boy.

The Boy was a friend to all he met, and it was good to be so, as all who met him knew he was special and became enriched by his presence. The Boy did not know about his special talent, but the wise holy man of his village did, and he encouraged the boy to befriend all he met so all could benefit from his gift.

The time came for the Boy to follow his own path into the wilderness, and climb the high place in search of his vision. This vision would guide the young man who returned for the rest of his life.

Few doubted the young man would return with a vision of happiness for the people, and the wise holy man awaited his return with hopes of a new pupil to teach. Surely the young man would become a great medicine man!

No one knew what awaited the Boy on the mountain. No one thought he would meet Snake as he walked.

Snake was always looking for one who could benefit him. Life was so hard, down on the ground. No one respected Snake. No one looked up to him. In fact no one could! Because of this Snake was very bitter, and thought to himself, "No one deserves more help than me!"

Snake was very cold on the mountain, and could not be bothered to make his own heat like other animals. He relied on the Sun, or at the very least another to warm him.

Snake observed the Boy climbing the mountain. He perceived right away the Boy's gift. " Here is one such as I have waited for!" As the Boy came by on his trail, Snake spoke.

"Here comes a great man!"

"I see no great man," replied the Boy, " I am alone on my quest for a vision."

"I speak of you!" said Snake, "I knew a great man such as you would come to save me!"

The Boy, accustomed to helping others offered to save Snake; if only he could, (for the Boy had been told that Snake was strong, and dangerous, and able to take care of himself.)

"I am so cold, I can hardly move, surely you could carry me down the mountain?"
"But I am climbing the mountain, on my quest!"
"Ah- you could carry me up, and then when we return to the valley you can go your way and me mine!"

The Boy considered this, and having always helped, saw no reason not to do so now. He carried Snake in his shirt up the mountain, a long and arduous journey. As the Boy warmed from his labor, so did snake. As the Boy helped Snake, his gift benefited his new companion.

Soon, however Snake tired of riding in the Boys shirt, and he was vexed, for he had no gift like the boy's. The longer Snake rode the more resentful he became, until without warning he struck!

The Boy lay gasping on the side of the mountain, his goal in sight but unreached. His life and his gift flowed from him onto the rock.

"How could you?" he asked Snake, barely hearing Snakes reply as his life slipped away.

"You knew what I was when you picked me up."


  1. Wow. How very telling. Makes me think of all the wonderful gifts that God has given us, and each special spiritual gift(s) to help us in our journey and to help others. Yet, along the way, we continually pick up the snake - Satan - always knowing what he was when we picked him up (by sinning). Wow.

  2. Wow- what an awesome story... really makes you think!


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