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Days go by::

December 2008

The days go by so fast. It seems only yesterday...

October 1999

Crikey! Feeling older by the minute!

Cousins: My oldest on the left, sis-in-laws oldest on the right.


  1. Ok... I've seen your son a few times in the last 6 months and yet he looks about 16 right here. Holy Cow.

  2. Adorable!

    But WAIT... we are not getting older by the minute... simply becoming better seasoned with time!! =D

    I refuse to age: that's for cheese & wine -- Mmmm now THAT does sound good!

  3. JJ,
    mmm, can I have a little WHINE with my cheese? LOL!

    I like the sound of "seasoned" much better.

  4. Waaaah! Where did the babies go???


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