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Well...poop! and a back ache.

My, how time flies when you are having fun... or are in immense pain and taking copious amounts of Tylenol and Advil.

Well, the return to normal has been an easy transition if you don't count the huge pain in my butt back or the cat poop littering (HAH!) various spots around the house. Our family returned home from a wonderful visit with family and friends to find that all of the animals had weathered the storms unscathed and frankly all those creatures did was poop. Every last one of them. Imagine that. The chicken house and rabbit cages are chock full of...yup, poop. The cats were left to range free about the house, where they only got the runs after eating an entire package of DOG (blasted dog anyway) treats. Good heavens, I am so grateful to the manufacturers of Fabreeze! And Clorox Wipes. And rubber gloves.

I have yet to download all 4 gig's of photo's that I took whilst out gallivanting the countryside. And no, I didn't take any shots of the poop. At least, not yet.

All the poop aside, the vacation was well worth the hassle and mania. I can't wait to tell y' all about the adventures we had but it will all have to come in fits and starts as I can't sit for too long and I write S.. L.. O.. W.. L..Y.. Did I mention that my butt back hurts?

So, I'm off to nurse my back with the help of my trusty heating pad and more pain killers. And, I just pray that I don't find any more poop.

Ah, it's good to be home....


  1. ok, that's a crappy homecoming.
    That's really all of the humor I've got. :)
    I'm sad that your back is still giving you fits. Did you pick up any Excedrin Back and Body???

  2. I hope your back feels better soon!

  3. Too bad we weren't meeting tomorrow like we thought! I could give you the good stuff! (Not THAT stuff, come on...)

    I missed you, and it's so glad to see you're home!

  4. I am so out of the closet now, because I'm going to recommend some good old-fashioned ALCOHOL (and not of the rubbing variety).

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. oHHH Honey ... wishin' I had some remedy to help you heal. Prayin' for ya.

    (am worried about the water down south -- am thinkin' this back/butt thing is spreadin')

    NOT like that! Looks like yours been gettin smaller!!


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