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Where oh where, has Katie gone...

Since I have been enjoying my own personal version of Hee Haw, I have forgotten to blog.

GASP! you say. What could have befallen Katie to bring on such craziness?

Just a little Christmas Crack and some travel. A tiny bit of chicken butchering and some terrible back pain. The fun never ends...

Well, I will be returning to blogdom before you can say:

Heeeee! Hawwwww!

Have a Happy New Year!


  1. I was wondering where you had gone to!! Sorry to hear about the bad back pain. Must be required for fun at this time of year. One per household please. My husband was kind enough to take it for us this year. Hopefully yours will not be long lasting....and if nothing else, more Christmas crack will help (the mouth and mind at least).

  2. Oh, happy day! The Christmas Crack season is nearly over. And a full month and a half to recover before the Valentine chocolate takes over.

  3. Have a happy one. Back pain sucks. Do you medicate? I medicate every chance I get. Highly recommend.

  4. I hope your back feels better soon! Have a very happy 2009!


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