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Muddy water

Friends, to say that this has been a rough week would be an understatement. I wish more than anything that I had some happy news...

On Monday I learned that my sweet friend Summer had been hospitalized with an enlarged heart. The doctors said that this could be a rare condition that occurs sometimes after one has birthed a child. OR. It could be that her cancer had returned and attacked her heart.

Summer passed away yesterday afternoon. She was 28.

Last year Summer found out that she was pregnant and had Stage 3 (I believe) Lymphoma all at the same time. After having to terminate a much wanted pregnancy, Summer began chemo. Summer had an amazing attitude. She was sure that God would use her cancer in some great way. And he did. Through Summer's amazing faith, many people were brought to the Lord, including her husband. Months later she was given a clean bill of health. Summer and her husband decided to try for another baby. Summer had a beautiful baby boy 3 months ago.

There is so much more to Summer's story this little blurb doesn't do her justice.

I was one of thousands who prayed daily, asking God to heal Summer. I am heart broken and angry, yet I am nobody. What must her family feel? Her young husband, who will now raise a toddler and a infant on his own, what must he feel?


God says that: "My ways are not your ways" but what the heck??

I feel as though the water has been muddied and I am eager to see what good will come of this. For now my heart is broken, as are the hearts of many others.


  1. Oh my, I never know what to say when someone is greiving. I'm so sorry this happened. I will remember you and her family in my prayers. May Christ's Peace be with you always.

  2. That is incredibly sad. I have no words. My thoughts are with Summer's family.

  3. ok... ignore my email.

    I can see why you are angry. I didn't know summer and I'm mad. I agree... "What the heck?" These are the times when I hear things like that, and the Christian-ese promises which are supposed to comfort us (i.e. "it was her time") only make me more mad.

    I am so sorry, KL. So sorry for her family, for her loss. Heaven is beyond our comprehension of amazing, but I know if I were her, I'd feel a bit robbed too...

    I love you. you are a good friend.

  4. Oh, no. I'm so sorry you have lost a friend. *hugs*

  5. I am so very sorry, Katie. I wish I had some wonderful words of wisdom to share, but I don't. I will promise that I will pray for you and for Summer's husband and little boy. May the Lord wrap his loving arms around each one of you and comfort you and protect during this time.

  6. Thank you everyone, for all of the kind words and encouragement.

  7. The weight of such a glimpse in one's life is heavy, somewhat joyful, yet horribly sad.

    My heartfelt, compassionate, hug-filled thoughts, prayers, and sympathies are all flowing in your (& her families) direction.

    Love you bunches. Tears are healthy expressions ~ I'm crying with you.

  8. oh Katie.. my heart breaks over this.. I know God knows why, but it sure doesn't make us feel better right now.. a friend of ours died of cancer and had 3 little girls a few years back.. it was incredible to watch her amazing strength, and yet so sad to know those kids were going to be alone.. hugs to you. I'm praying that God will give you strength and peace over what's been happening in your life lately, that you may know that HIS reasons are good and pure even if we don't understand them.
    hugs my friend. I'll be praying for Summer's family!

  9. Kate, I am sorry for your loss and am sending prayers to you and to your friend's family. Hugs from far away...

  10. Katie... I'm so sorry for your loss. =(

    I don't write to you often, in fact, never, but it doesn't mean I don't lurk and it doesn't mean I don't care...

    I find you delightfully funny, compassionate, thoughtful, sweet, kind and gentle... you are, no doubt, the kind of friend and blessing people seek their whole lives for...

    I hope that you find comfort in the days to come, months and years.

    Perhaps understanding will come, when that precious baby boy of your friend, rises up eighteen years from now and says,

    "The greatest gift my mother left for me was... faith".

    Much love for you Katie, Livy

  11. Oh, my heart. What a sad story, and a test of faith for sure. 28...


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