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Party pooper

Four young boys men+two half racks of caffeine+video games galore= Katie needs a nap. BAD!

At five AM I told the boys they had to shut it down and go to bed. I had not been able to get to sleep (I am a very lite sleeper) and was about to go mad. So, call me a party pooper. It can't be helped.


  1. Oh my Gourd. That is a lot of boys and a lot of stimulant and not enough sleep! LOL

    We try to keep it at one extra child per sleepover otherwise there's no sleep to be had. Had one kid throw up the next morning with a no sleep hangover. It was bad.

    Hope everyone survived! You are a very brave woman! LOL

  2. If you held out til 5AM, I'd say that makes you a saint, not a party pooper!

    Go, Super MOM!


  3. Supermom inDEED! My kids don't even get to the point of HAVING a sleepover. haha!!

  4. You're not a party pooper...but a real trooper!!

    That's probably one of THE main reasons I INSISTED on buying a house with a basement. W/two teenage boys and friends coming over, it was much needed. They have their "own place" and can stay up all night if they want, and it won't bother me one bit.

  5. I think the oldest "13-year-old" is the funniest! Great job giving Headstrong a fun teenage bash that'll make your house the hangout house. What were you thinking?!

  6. oh well... I've been there too... That you lasted til 5 a.m. makes you the coolest mom on the planet to your 13 year old and his friends.
    Even if he won't admit it.

  7. You are, after all, only human!

  8. Thank goodness you lived to tell about that dreadful night!

  9. Katie may be a party pooper, but Katie has a life.


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