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RE: Calamity number five thousand and eight

Dearest reader, Katie is up and running again. Interweb challenges are no match for a swashbuckling brother-in-law with Dick Daring's Katie's sanity best interests at heart. Life, as Katie knows it, shall blog on.

All is well in Calamityville.

Now, if Katie only knew where her blasted dog sauntered off to...


  1. You naughty dog... leave the girls alone and COME HOME!! But if you decide not to come home, can my dog come live at your house? He's looking for a new adventure.

  2. so sad... :( I love my dogs and, if one of them ran away I think I should drown myself in a tub of sadness...

    ok... moving on.

  3. not quite at the point of taking on a new dog or drowning in my tub...but

    sad nonetheless.


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