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Calamity Number Five Thousand And Eight

Katie is stuck at home, computer-less and in the depths of despair. Nablopomo, you may recall, requires a post every day. So she is dictating to me via cell phone.

Katie can't go to the library to blog because the small-town library is closed. Curses.

Katie's dog has disappeared. Her chickens aren't laying. Her children are defying her. The garden is dead. The economy is bad.

Calamity indeed.

The only cure for her blues might rest in your capable keyboards. Leave a comment. Better yet, leave two.


  1. No computer! Now that is a calamity, especially when you can't get into the library!

    I hope you find your dog... that is a terrible feeling, to have one lost.

    Our chickens used to stop laying this time of year... when we had chickens.

    I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  2. We all hope you're back tomorrow, Kate!

  3. What? Cannot compute ... literally!

    I have an opposite concern... have computer, but no complete thoughts to blog... hmmph!

    I'll be here awaiting your return... anxiously hoping dog is back !!!

  4. Oh, dear! May computer access return to you soon!

    Way to go with the NaBloPoMo dedication!

  5. No computer...that is just awful! But it makes me wonder.....
    if you have no computer, then how did you post your blog about no computer? (or am I just missing the very obvious....?)

  6. okay, please TOTALLY disregard my last comment. duh! Of COURSE I missed the most obvious. The obvious which STATES how you posted your blog! double duh!

    Can I blame my kids and their fruit snack of peaches and pears that they insisted on? Somewhere between reading your blog (& bringing up the comment page to reply) and getting their fruit (& returning to said page), I had forgotten most of what you had written, other than no computer. Now I feel really silly.

    But hey! Now you get two comments from me today! *grin*

  7. Oh Dear, first it's the phone now the computer. Is this the end of all technical life? The kids and chickens are easy compared to this.
    You can always tie them up in the trees by their heels but this, this is totally unacceptable, how will you even know we exist now? Can't you just kick down the library doors and get back to us, PLEASE,PLEASE. I can't even get Donna on the Phone, whats this world coming to?

  8. This is a calamity of the utmost terribleness! (Is that a word?!) I will stand by for your dictated messages, no less than if you penned them... er... typed them, with your own hand!

  9. And I would even be willing to subject myself to a dictating job from time to time, as we all know I do nothing during the day *grin*
    Plus, it would just be good to hear from you :)

  10. Hahahaha (((Katie))), My Shaggeh to my (what did you call me that day in my email? Scrappy? I can't remember...

    It's a bummer to be computerless. I did it for a few weeks last month and I nearly cried. No wait, I did cry. You can't take away an addiction like that. No counseling, no support group... nothing. LOL

    Hang in there Sassy... and when you get back on your feet, I expect to see more blogs, cause girlie, you be funneh!!!

    Love you, Livy

  11. I would have GLADLY given you my computer today. We are not on enduring terms as you and your computer are. Mine only calls me to the endless, joyless, pursuit of report writing. Alas, I am sure you can find a better wasy to unlease its unused talents of blog writing and photo editing. You can come use my computer any time :-)


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