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T'was Not Me..

  • First off... I did not get sucked into Not Me Monday by my dear friend Lexie. I did not do it of my own accord. :)
  • I did not sit in my bathrobe till noon IM'ing with said friend and miss a very important meeting.
  • It was not me who has stayed up till 1 in the AM reading blogs.
  • I did not ignore all four children and their pleas for pancakes. I did not tell them there was plenty of cereal and that I was too tired to make pancakes. Nor, did I tell them that pancakes were bad for you, first thing in the morning.
  • It was not me who, last night, pigged out on Pumpkin Pie and Redi Whip.
  • It was not me who had to stop myself from squirting Redi Whip directly into my mouth. At the church potluck.
  • It was not me, who, accidentally shot Redi Whip onto black shirt as I was not jerking the can away from what was not, my face as it was not me there in public, doing such a childish thing.
  • It was not me who looked around frantically to see if any one had see the whole Reddi Whip debacle.
  • It is not me who is still sitting at the computer, in a bathrobe. Needing more coffee and a shower.
  • It was not me who dreamt of running away to Paris. In my bathrobe.
  • It was not I who told the children to play outside so that I could have a few more minutes at the computer before lunch.

Feeling like a little Not Me fun? Just click on over to MckMama's place for lots more Not Me antics.


  1. Found you on MCKMama - very funny Not Me's!
    I like the Reddi Whip debacle...

  2. I wouldn't have thought it was. I know you... I can, erhem, vouch for you... I am fairly certain this has been the most productive and creative day you've had... Right? *nudge*

  3. VERY funny! I don't do that Redi Whip thing either :-)

  4. Pancakes are bad for you in the morning?
    (lip sticking out and trembling)

    I can't imagine anyone being that childish over Redi-Whip.
    *cough cough*

  5. It's NOT ME spewing coffee out my nose because you're just so daggum FUNNEH!!!

    Let's get together for pancakes... or not.

    (And thanks for ratting me out - now people know all I do is blog and IM!)


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