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Best movie ever or there abouts...

I am a movie maniac buff. Really. So when I read the prompt from Starshine for today I thought to myself: Self, which one shall you choose?

I watch a lot of movies. I am not joking when I say I have seen them all. I get Blockbuster Online and lurve it to pieces! I lurve to watch a show, sip tea and knit. Oh yeah, I am a multi-tasker that way. I can waste time and feel like I am getting something done. Who 'da thunk?


I really have so many favourites. Some are old, some are new. All of them qualify as great in my book. So, I will share a couple with you.

This is at the top of my best movie ever list. I saw this and was brought to sighs and then tears. This movie made me sigh like a love sick girl, wishing for empire waists, the English countryside and true love.

Sound of Music::

Julie Andrews is amazing! The music is amazing. Everything about this one is amazing. (Thesaurus anyone?)

Anne of Green Gables PBS mini series:
Oh, Anne! That just about sums this one up. I watched it back in the 80's and was instantly swept off to P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island, Canada) I remember going over to my Gran's house to catch the weekly installments. It was like torture having to wait a whole week for the next show. I would dream of Anne's antics all week, then on movie night, armed with popcorn balls and tissues, Gran and I were transported to another time and place, by the stories of this little red haired girl.

Love Actually::
I just love it, actually. This movie stars a few of my favourite actors; Liam, Collin, Hugh to name a few. The story takes place 5 weeks before Christmas. The first time hubby and I watched this movie it really was 5 weeks to the day till Christmas. Every year since, we rent this movie at the 5 weeks till Christmas mark. In my book it is a must see love story.

Lonesome Dove::
Robert Duvall. Need I say more?

Gun Shy::
This is one of those really weird comedies that leave ya quoting the whole movie. At dinner. At the grocery. At WalMart. Also starring Liam.

I can pull a quote from this movie for any situation. It's true. This is the most brilliante' kids show ever made. I am sure of it.


Trust me when I say that this is just the very beginnings of my must see movie list. Reader, what is your "Best Movie Ever"?


  1. Oh sheesh, I have a huge list of my favorite movies. I like all kinds... so I've never been able to have ONE favorite. Definitely sure that Nemo is on my list. On my now-so-new list is You've Got Mail, and how about Legends of the Fall? LOVED it! What Women Want kept me in stitches, and in tears and in happy thoughts about Mel Gibson *grin*. The Notebook is right near the top, and so is 50 First Dates. Most recently my hubby and I decided we'd have to see Fireproof every single year of our married life. Or more often... whichever he goes for :)

  2. It's really hard to narrow down all my favorite movies to just my all time, go to, favorite movie. But if I did....I would have to say:


    When I first rented it, I had never heard of it before, but I watched it 4 times right in a row and laughed more and more each time. I have now owned it for years and never tire of watching it. I love "Albert Einstein" (her uncle) and his 3 old croonies in the movie. This is a MUST SEE movie!

    I then also love: When a man loves a woman, Sabrina, First Knight, and some newer faves: Fireproof, The Ultimte Gift, Mamma Mia!

  3. I got nuttin'. I usually can't even remember whether I've seen a movie before.

    I love other peoples' movie lists. I'll take suggestions and say to my husband, "we should SO rent this."

    Then he tells me we have rented it before.

  4. I'm with you on P&P, but only if it's the Colin Firth version.

  5. Love Actually! I love that movie as well. The first time my husband and I watched it together, he pulled out a gold heart necklace and gave it to me. Ya know that scene where the wife finds the necklace? We had to stop the movie while I cried.


    Thanks for reminding me of that.

  6. I'd list the movies that I like... but I keep forgetting the titles... other than Nemo. Cuz Dory ROCKS ... uhhh

    at least I think that's her name???

    tee hee

  7. ok... which P & P movie? I personally love the BBC one...

    Love Actually is on my list as well, actually. :) LOVE that movie. Love liam (my mom met him. I was SOOOOOO jealous. he was filming in NM.) and Colin. (I met him. Of course I had to fly across the country to do that. No one films where I live.) which reminds me, apparently Adrien Brody was just filming were we lived in Michigan.


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