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Message in a bottle::

Help! S.O.S! MAY DAY!

Katie is lost at sea. The Sea of Testosterone.

On this night the Calamity boys and a few brave friends have taken over Katie's living quarters. These rapscallions have banished poor Katie to the galley, with strict order not to return without Pizza Pockets, French Fries and lots and lots of Mt. Dew. And cake.

Miss Katie thinks they may make her walk the plank.
If she doesn't stop taking pictures

Dear ones, please send the cavalry . And chocolate. And booze.


  1. Ohh that is all too true for the sea of T! Successful hunting my friend... ARRGH!! You have GirlPower, they can never get you to the plank - like they could "make" you ... I'm SO sure!! LOL

  2. If I'd known any earlier, I would have just driven booze over myself. We could have camped out in the guest house, after running to town to see Twilight.

    Dang it...

  3. Oh, my... hoe your survived the evening! :)

  4. Happy Birthday T! Thanks for entertaining your father, and for letting your mother live!

  5. Katie needs wine and chocolate, STAT!

  6. The only way to save yourself is to spike their drinks with estrogen.
    They may be mad at you for a while, but they'll get over it once their man boobies go away.


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