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Wednesday: Week in the Life

1 October 08

  • Woke to throbbing pain in head. Sinus pressure is bad.
  • Thank goodness for cereal. Bran flakes it is again!
  • Blog reading.
  • Fern informs me of a dead Barred Rock.
  • Send out Head-Strong/Farm boy to retrieve said bird.
  • Console Fern.
  • Whine to Miriam about dead chicken.
  • Started research for King Arthur Studies.
  • Coordinate studies for all four kids.
  • Start kids on school.
  • Get dressed, make coffee.
  • Out of creamer! Ack!
  • Darling has my car. No way to get more creamer.
  • Creamer-less state is maddening.
  • Make tea.
  • Mediate hair pulling between sisters.
  • Separate sisters.
  • Dole out more school work.
River studies and experiments.
Character Trait~ Attentiveness
Journaling/Story writing
King Arthur, Beowulf, Early days of Britain & Geography of Britain, Mythology
Byzantine Art
Geography song : The British Isles

  • Dissension in the ranks.
  • Break for lunch. Reheat Minestrone, toast bagels.
  • Hubby calls, he is off early. Thank goodness. Bring the creamer, baby!
  • Head- Strong dances into the kitchen, simultaneously pushing past me, bumping into island table on which was balanced my best/favourite piece of Vintage Pyrex from last nights dinner. A huge smashing and staring. H-S stammers that... it wasn't HIS fault HE didn't do that, to which I replied "This is not your freak out! This is MY freak out! Go to your room!"
  • Segue into nap time/free reading.
  • Cry to Miriam.
  • Cry in my soup for a minute.
  • Hubby arrives just in time for the Pyrex clean up. H-S is convinced I made dad come home to deal with the situation. LOL!
  • Decide to save pieces of broken Pyrex for making Byzantine Mosaics tomorrow.
  • Accept appologies from eldest, he offers to buy me a new pan. Have discussion on what Vintage and Screaming deal of the century mean.
  • Help Hubb's with outside chores, preparing for rain.
  • Kids ride bikes.
  • Make Biscuits and Sausage Gravy for dinner.
  • At dinner youngest son says after eating two plates full: I am so stuffed, it was all my own fault. I have no one to blame but my self..... What??? :)
  • Clean up.
  • Get ready for bed.
  • Reading in bed.
  • Tuck in kiddo's.
  • Hubb's is beat off, to bed he goes. I think he's getting the funk!
  • Reading The Homestead Kitchen & Cellar, Gilmore
  • Read blogs/research King Arthur till....11 pm.
  • Stumble off to bed.


  1. Whew! I'm tired out!! Thanks for making my day look SOMEWHAT easy. lol

  2. Sad day... I hate it when beloved possessions break!

    LOVED the "full" dialogue though. HILARIOUS... no one to blame but himself... I can so see this being said... :)

  3. Saucy weeps for the loss of the Pyrex. Katie is a true homeschooler, turning such a calamity into a learning experience AND an art project. Saucy duly impressed.

  4. MY BEAUTIFUL COHORT IS THE MOST TALENTED AND RESOURCEFUL GAL I KNOW! I remember that like it was yesterday! love ya sweetie!

    p.s. can we refer to ourselves in the third person? coool.

  5. Gee sweet girl; are you sure your not having to re-live my life. this sooo! reminds me of when my young head strong thing pitched a fit about having to eat the heal of the loaf and in the midst of the fit knocked my hutch over and broke all of my precious things, Damn I was unhappy but I held to the hope that H-S, had learned a lesson and that even though those things could not be replaced there would always be other things come into my life and hopefully they will mean as much and connect to those memories lost in some way, so it was alright to cry and let them go. After all H.S. was more important than all those objects and learning one of life's lessons is not always easy and some times has a big price. I hope you receive some rewards from this lesson "Sorry life is tough, slap some love on it and it will and it will heal"

  6. Mom,
    Umm, how does said insolent refuser of the heel respond to that comment. After all these years I feel like a heel. I know the pain of broken dishes...I am SO sorry for being a shit! Forgive me after nearly 30 years??

    I am the first to eat the heel of the loaf now!


  7. Thank you for the apology after 30 years. psst (I forgave you 30 years ago) I just wanted to remind you stuff happens and it will all your life I'm very proud that you chose to make some thing good of it. I just wish I would have known how to make stepping stones or something from my remains . You know me I'd still be carrying them around LOL
    your probably thinking by now "Will she never let me forget that" Tee Hee- thats another LESSON "Mothers have to hang around and remind you of all those lessons you had to learn"


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