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O' Look.....

...more crap! Yes folks, that would be another broken item. And yes, this one was also broken by the boy who shall remain nameless.

This one just happens to be an antique Watkins spice bottle. The large kind. No scratch that, the extra large kind. And it just happened to be full to the brim with organic garlic powder.


MMMM, can't you just smell that?? O' I can. I am sure I will be smelling it forever for awhile.

Let us all just bow our heads so that I can regain my composure and not scream like a banshee for a moment of silence.



  1. tragically sad... I'm sorry...

  2. Wow.... I go through the same thing when things get broken that are very special to me... I bet the nameless boy feels terrible too.... I am So sorry...

  3. Have you considered a padded kitchen floor, counter tops, walls, etc. Maybe invest heavily in sturdy plastic containers for the next fourteen years! How very, very sad. Or, maybe you could have your husband finish up that bedroom remodeling job and add a little extra padding to your walls. Hmmm . .something to think about.

  4. Have you considered padded floors, counter tops, or even kitchen walls? How about investing in rubber kitchen ware for say the next fourteen years? Better yet, have your husband finish up that remodeling job by adding a little extra padding to the bedroom wall. That way it won't hurt so much while your hitting your head on the wall screaming like a banshee.

  5. Yeah tile floors are highly overrated.


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