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IF I only had a brain....

As I stumbled into the computer room this morning, I had an inkling that there was something that I was committed to be blogging this Monday...what was it??

(Well, I do have a good excuse for the lack of brain cells this Monday. I was off gallivanting all weekend in Portland OR, on an estrogen filled power trip. Whoot! Whoot!)

OH! Yes! I remember..... A day in the life with Mrs. G. Hmm, who could turn down a day of sheer voyeuristic fun?

Well, not I. But I did forget this little adventure while I sleeping off my estrogen/french fry stupor.

So...I will snap a few pic's and post 'em up later this evening.

Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. I hope you had a fantastic weekend!! Excited to see your 'day in the life' whenever you get it up and going.

  2. Saucy can hardly wait to see Katie's typical day!

  3. So close, but yet so far ... in Portland, eh? We could have waved hello/g'bye at each other!!


  4. I'm just glad I wasn't the only one to temporarily forget. And I have to say, also glad I wasn't the last to get up my post. Hee hee! There are so many links I didn't get through them all so I'll be back to read about your day tomorrow.


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