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It's snot what you think....

I heartily laughed at the funny posts Barb wrote here and here, when she was sick. Well, thanks Barb, I think I caught what you had.

Is it possible to catch a virus via blog reading?? I think Barb sneezed on her blog. She told me to go wash~with soap. I must'a forgot. I'm a hypochondriac but I also procrastinate.

So, I am snotting and aching and just plain SICK! My hair is greasy. My eyes and nose are red and swollen. I am still in my bathrobe and jammies AND I am sure that I smell bad. To top it all off I am a mouth breathin' fool. Yup! It is that bad.

Isn't that just what you came over to my blog for? Snot and stench? Yeah, I thought so.

In my gorgeous state, I have been working hard at A) staying sane B) finding books for the kids "river" studies C) swilling lots of Whiskey cough medicine D) trying to remember where I put the hand sanitizer.

Yes, this is the life. A sick mommy in a non-sick household. My life sucks! And I homeschool too! Woot-woot!

Well, go read the eloquent way in which Barb describes her illness. I guarantee that she doesn't talk about her body odor.

I am off to take some more whiskey cough medicine.


  1. I believe that viruses can be spread via blogging. The other day (monday i think) i read 11 bloggers who all had the stomach flu. Coincidence? I think not...

    Feel better, my friend!

  2. "Coincidental blog viruses, take out all of blogdom...News at 11" LOL!

    Thanks Misty!

  3. I really hope that germs don't pass through blogs! I need to stay far, far away from any bugs. Hope you are feeling better soon. I can't believe you had any brain cells left to write anything at all. What a brave, committed soul you are.

  4. I see you have posted your own ass does Mrs G realize anorexia is not pretty? After sex in the city your headed for sex at 60 better get ready LOL
    Get well

  5. freak out! is that your mom?! looking at your hind end LOOOONG after you are potty trained and out of the house?!

    This is reason # 507 not to post your behind on the web. It might make you sick, clearly.

    unlike my comment, which is far from clear.

    maybe i have a fever. i think i caught it from you.

  6. I read that black plague blog earlier... how funny that you're bringing it up! I loved it... and I'm really sorry you're sick!!


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