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Happy day.

This morning I am fraught with emotion. I am ready to sue the brand new 200 million dollar medical facility in our area.

Yesterday afternoon, while on a play date with the Farm Suite girls, my youngest fell from the monkey bars and landed on his arm. After Miri and I frantically gathered and divided all 8 children. I rushed off to my doctor's after hours clinic. As it was 4:30 in the pm all of the Dr.'s had gone home for the evening. Hence the after hours clinic, which as it happens does not open for business till 6pm.

At this point I am flustered beyond cope ability. The nurse assured me the Dr. would take Head-Long asap. OR as soon as she finished her dinner.

After crying for an hour and screaming at the slightest bump in the road, H.L. lost his will to cry (or the adrenaline kicked in). For the rest of our ordeal he just sat vacantly staring and screaming only when his arm was moved.

After waiting in the Dr.'s office for an hour and a half H.L. was seen, for all of 2 seconds. Then we were told that the arm needed to be X-rayed and it just so happened that their machine was down.

We were sent to our local, brand new, Urgent Care. URGENT! So, not the case here. More like Lackadaisical Care. Where I had to beg and beg to get some Tylenol for my poor baby. What gives, people? I was asked over and over again, "What? YOU didn't give him some before you left your house??" Umm, hello? Do they hand out the brain damage pills at med school??

After waiting ever so patiently for 5 hours at the, AHEM!!! Urgent Care. The X-ray was inconclusive.

Head-Long's arm was put in a splint and sling (of which, was young adult sized, as the brand new 200 million dollar hospital didn't have infant sized anything) and we spent what was left of the night in a fitful sleep.

My baby is such a danger mite that this rushing off to the doctor is nothing new at our house. But frustration is hard to deal with, for both Head-Long and myself.

We will see what our regular doctor says today.

Oh, happy days.


  1. poor guy... Betsy is very upset about this. As it is, medical retardation is something I have no tolerance for... NONE.

  2. I hope the little guy is back to normal soon. And that you get some sleep.

  3. Ohhh my... sad to hear it. I so wanna offer you hugs & wishes for a night of slumber!!

    HUGS 4 << U >> !!!

  4. La te da! Just another fun day out with the kids huh? Sheeeesh, at least I can honestly I say I know how you feel. Been there with my kids and MYSELF through stuff like that and it ain't no picnic. I like Misty's term: Medical retardation. Pffftahahaha! And how! So how's the lil guy doing now??

  5. When Ana was about three, she bit through her lip. My husband had just the same experience that you described here. He took her in at 7:30 pm. They finally put a stitch into her lip at one in the morning and oh, they had no NOVOCAIN so they just did it without.

    Makes me shake just to think about it. I mean, is there something about compassion in the Hippocratic oath?

  6. Oh I hope his arm is alright soon!!


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