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Guest Post... Calamity Aftermath

Your friend and blogger Agent K, otherwise known as Katie of Calamity Fame, is taking a day on the couch to recover from recent catastrophes. Near-catastrophes, anyway; everyone's okay now. Except Agent K. She's paying the price in deferred stress maintenance.

I, Miriam of neighboring (I think it's 12 miles, but the fact checkers may say otherwise) FarmSuite, am posting these quick pics of some of the Calamity gang and some of the Suite family.

Aren't they cute? Doesn't it make you want to have four (or eight!) children? Doesn't it make you want to retire to the relaxing countryside and watch the Autumn leaves flutter down? Because that's what we do all day. Agent K and me, eatin' bon bons and watching the chickens on the free range.


  1. Oh, my goodness! What darling kiddos!!!
    Enjoy your "day off"!

  2. Thank you Miri for doing this for me! The kids are truly cute.

    Thanks again, friend!

  3. Ohhh... I am SO jealous... but it couldn't have happened to a nicer gal!

    YOU deserve a break no doubt ~ wish I lived closer I'd have pampered your fingers while Miriam typed!

    Blessings to you both for showing us how to cherish our friends!


    < absolutely amazing array of adoreable !! AWWWW >

  4. ADORABLE!!! you Rural folk have some darned adorable kids...

  5. Goodness sakes - what's with all the hullabaloo??? I hope you have sufficiently recovered enough to attend church tomorrow (don't think I missed that detail!) and that your kids are keeping you sane!

    Oh, and cute kids by the way. But then they already knew that, I tell them all the dang time!


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