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Lame excuse and a cause

Since my last computer tragedy, I have had a really hard time getting my groove to well, groove.
I sit and stare, vacantly at the screen and nothing comes.

This night is no different. I have spent an hour adding some tunes to my play list, rocking out to the Across the Universe Soundtrack...still nothing. Surely the Beatles would inspire...


I am feeling stressed out (and quite sad frankly) about not having an original piece to submit to the 'Some Times Life is Funny' book fund raising project for NieNie. Why is my brain not working? I sent in some old stuff but, ya know, I would really like to help the cause with some fresh wit. NieNie deserves at least that much.

Hello? Brain? Work with me here...

OK folks, there is nothing to see here. Move right along. Go send something to Sue for this amazing book. You only have until the 30Th.


start saving your pennies so you can buy 10 20 of these babies and send them to everyone you know...for Christmas!

Alright, off you go!


  1. I know that feeling...when the brain has no more blog fodder. That's when I have to step away from my computer and step into the real world for a while. Usually something happens there so that I can run back to my blog and write about it! :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today!

  2. i know, i know...

    But the Across the Universe soundtrack really is amazing.

  3. Saucy likes Katie. Saucy will read backwards and find out more about this "calamity" of Katie's. Saucy will comment about said calamity in third person.

  4. hey, missy, staying up all night reading blogs is not good for you


    i am sure i heard that somewhere

  5. Thanks ladies for coming by to bolster my self esteem.

    This bloggy brain damage is getting me down!

  6. Awww, if you're anything like me, your sense of humor and ability to write something witty will come right back! Say - in the spring.

  7. I have times like that too! I would suggest to go read a book, make some cookies, play with your kids, etc. Go have fun and come back when something pops in your head.

  8. Oh I'm with ya. I can think of nothing to type lately. Real inspiring right?!?


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