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And the winner is.......

OK! How sad is it to have a contest and NO WINNER?! I am so terribly sad! I was stoked to be breaking out my goodies and making someone a custom pair of earrings.

But, lo, no light breaks through yonder window of giveaway opportunity.....

So. What to do? I will have to think of a different way to giveaway some goodness. I will ponder this tonight and try to have something for you tomorrow but for now let me just send out a great big.....


to everyone who took time out of their day to come and play.


  1. so you seriously have 8 pairs of cowboy boots? My goodness... you keep your secret well, I'd of never guessed.

  2. Jeffrey can't believe it... "What do you mean no one won? Is that even possible?"

    Jason says ... "What? No winner? That's so wrong!"

    Jolene answers: "Uhh - seems no one guessed correctly. Darn - I really wanted new jewelry too!!"

    There goes my Monday =|

  3. So, um, are they ALL false? Or is it the New York Sheep Shippers thing? Is it the Patrick Dempsey thing because maybe he was just barely BORN in 1985?

    Oh, heck. I give up.

    (But you ARE going to tell us, right?)

  4. You gotta tell us. I really thought it was the boots. Also, you better post a picture of the boots or I'll put a lien on your next pair of earrings.

    Seriously, tell us!

  5. I know, I know, I'm too late for the "prize", but I thought I would throw in my comment. Okay, I had to do a little process of elimination and a little research, but I think I found the right answer (and I knew for sure all those others were true). It looks like your hometown was named on the whim of an engineers daughter. Not after all the smelly sheep the railroad brought in. Great idea! Very creative!

  6. How funny...well I didn't read everyone's answers, but I'm sure mine's the winner. :)

  7. No winner??? That's funny!
    BUT... I am dying to find out the answer!


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