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Too pooped.

Sorry for the lack of a post, I am just too exhausted from my day of cooking and stirring I can hardly type. My arms feel like they weight about a thousand pounds apiece. I am plain, too pooped to do much of anything. I didn't get as far as I had hoped, due to crap (story for another day) that happened during the day, but I did get some meals frozen.

So here's a photo for today. I hope that you have a wonderful Tuesday.

((OK I had to throw in two pic's, I couldn't help myself))

Oh and go check out the Sanity Saver's site for a trailer backing how-to. Farm girls rule!


  1. oh my goodness girl... the fact that you take on what you did... you deserve a mega vacation! heck, i probably wouldn't blog for a month!

  2. Um, as usual, you rock.

    Did you cook extra for my house?

    Just asking. 'Cause I know you're not busy or anything.


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