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Distractination: this is the real me, post

Herein you will find a totally random ramble, that has no inter-related ties whatsoever.... alright maybe just a teeny bit. *grin*

My new friend Jolene, made up a new word and it fits me to a T. I am the distractinator. I suffer from being easily distracted and ...oh look the sun is out....umm, oh yeah procrastination...I am sure there is something else I should be doing but blogging is so much more fun.

This has been on my mind a lot lately:

I would have titled this book "How to tell your kids about the birds and bee's without making yourself sound retarded" or making a complete ASS out of yourself. I gave my nine year old 'the talk' about periods and she just stared at me. I was trying so hard not to sound like a dork but that must not have worked to my favor. It was awful. I never want to do that again.....oh wait....crap! I HAVE to do it again, I have another daughter. SHOOT! Well at least I don't have to talk to the boys about all of their junk. Hubby has that one for me.

Ahhh! Saints preserve me! This teen/pre-teen stuff has me going completely nuts. Give me tea parties and dress-up any day.

My friend Misty talked about an American Girl book on "the changes" girls go through. I just got a glimpse of said book the other day and HOLY CRAP! I about died right there in Miriam's Sub. Truly, there might have been fainting IF the AC weren't on. I. Am. So. Not. READY!

In other news:

Saturday, I went shopping and got all of the goodies I need to do a 30 day cook. For anyone who doesn't know what this is, I will enlighten. Sheer HELL, for one day; pure BLISS for a month or more. OK so, really a 30 day cook is just making and putting up, 30+ meals all at once. It seems to cost a fortune in groceries because you are buying everything you need to make at least 30 dinners ( I do 90, plus lunches ) so I wait till we have a 3 paycheck month and then go for it. Go for it, I did.

Just a glimpse of the floor in the kitchen. I have 2 fridges full to the brim and the counters and pantry are spilling over with food.

I made my menu, inventory of all the meals that will eventually reside in the freezer (so I don't loose track) and I also made a master grocery list. Whew! I had an organization moment. They are fleeting, don't laugh.

So on my plate for today:

Cooking like a crazy person, in 100 degree weather, with no AC. (Wanna come help?)

Trying not to have mental breakdown over the 'birds and bee's' thing or the fact that my oldest child is now taller than I. (read: HOLY CRAP!!!!)

Rejoicing my semi-small organizational moment!

OH and I almost forgot. I am participating in this. I am still in denial. Stay tuned for more.

Happy Monday!!


  1. i wish I was there! it would be fun!
    I am incredibly organized, but not like that... I plan my meals a month in advance though, so kudos for me.

    Oh good. Now I don't have to bring the devil book- you've already seen it. I told you it was horrible. HORRIBLE.

    Sorry your talk was so hard. I regret ours only because Genny pops on (at least daily) with "I can't wait to get my period."

    And get this: She is ALREADY sick of the bra. Yep, didn't see that coming.
    So, here I am today- on a monday- counting down the days til i'm there...

  2. KL and a 30-day cook... I'm staying outta there.

    Because I'm jealous of your organizational moment, of course.

  3. A 30 day cook? Well at least you have the kitchen to handle it. My kitchen, could only handle, at most a THREE day cook. I'd have to build an outbuilding to hold all the extra groceries for a month!

    A suggestion about the "girl talk"... have your girl spend time with another girl that just happens to know more about it. And know CORRECT things... (not school bus knowledge, you know?) and then she'll ask YOU the questions she's ready to have the answers for.

    I got lucky with D, because she witnessed her sisters knowledge increasing (because of necessity) and then she asked a LOT of questions and looked through the little pamphlet, etc... It was quite comfortable. Whew!

  4. I have no idea what we are having for dinner tonight much less at the end of the month! Actually, I did a big shop like that yesterday and have had difficulties making it all fit in the cabinets! Best of luck. Stay cool my friend.

  5. Cooking... hmm, I like the BLISS part of that (eating) -- but am a big wuss on the sheer day of HELL-o kitchen stuff.

    Then again, having the talk with my boys -- I may hafta share that one privately ... unless you need to know the difference between boys & girls in that respect (I meant their reactions - really!).

    Ok think back to... "what's a hooker, mom" {son#2} and the fear of hearing the words -- can I talk to you in private mom... I have a question... {son#1}??? Augghhh!!!

    (Ay yi yi is right, Miriam)!



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