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Farm Girl Friday

A tale of two monkeys.

On Wednesday night, the Farm Suite girls decided to join the Calamity fun and have dinner at The Little Farm in the Wildwood. While we were all (only an assumption as you will see later) enjoying a little of this:

These two yard monkey's were doing a little gardening. Aren't they just the picture of innocence?
We found a little of this:

And a bit of that:

Yes, even some of this:

This is my "courtyard", for lack of a better word. It is a small strip of (sorta) grass that runs right in front of the house. It has now been lovingly planted with beans and nasturtiums, that I know of.

If you look way at the back of the yard you can see a large puddle. The two little monkey's had the smarts to even water-in their little garden.

These two monkey's are now so proud of their little "garden" and have as a result caught the planting "bug", constantly begging to "plant" seeds.

Alternative lawns are really popular around these parts. Whodathunk the two yard monkey's were so.... in the know.


  1. How lucky are you? The seeds were planted - kids want to grow things too! whoo hoo!! =)

  2. How funny is that?!! I love it... your story was cute.

  3. The little monkeys!

    Muddy little fingers and all. Will you be sharing your bean crop? I expect futures of beans. How do you say that?


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