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For my Momma

I have such a wonderful mom. Just so ya know.

My mother made the sweetest pair of matchy, matchy, Sunny Day Dresses. She made them in Fern's favourite color, blue.

My mother has been begging me to do a photo shoot of Fern and Fidget in their new Sunny Day Dresses. So, being the good and obedient child I am, I took the girls out and pranced them around the farm for a mini photo shoot. The girls did a good job of obliging me. When I would say turn, they would smirk at each other and spin really fast. When I would ask them to tip their face this way or that, the little twerps would turn completely around.....some peoples kids, eh? I did get a few good pictures of the two of them, despite the insolence.

Here is just a peek at the girls in their finery.

Hey, look! They like each other. At least for a minute.

As we were moving on the next spot, I caught this tender moment. Fidget reached up and grabbed Fern's hand as they walked away from me. This made my heart melt.

Aren't the dresses just the most adorable?? Yes, I know that girls are cute too...

Well, there you go mom. I hope that you like my pictures. The girls and I are very grateful for the beautiful gift of the Sunny Day Dresses. Thank you.

I love you!


  1. awwww those are lovely dresses, and your girls are just gorgeous!!!

  2. Well my reader isn't cooperating either. I thought it was a bit quiet, so I came digging around for new posts, and I was in luck! And it was worth it too!! GREAT photos, and beautiful girls (and the dresses... *sigh* lovely indeed).

  3. Thank You "oh obedient one". Looks like now we are going to have to have some nice white blouses. they did poss nicely didn't they. Kudos from Momma

  4. See I told ya all that my mom was great! She even got a blog just so she could comment on little ole me.

    LOVe YoU momma!


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