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Food for Thought

Are you a morning person? Do you feel like this first thing in the morning?

Do others fear you before the re-caffination process?

Do you get a little rumbley in your tumbley whilst perusing blogs at the start of the day?

Fear not! Agent K to the rescue. I've made a little something just for you.

This morning I am offering up a lovely breakfast selection here on the farm. All selections served with your choice of coffee or tea.

You can choose from a)

home made yogurt topped with your choice of farm fresh blackberries, strawberries or blueberries, finished off with a sprinkling of Kashi cereal.

b) old fashioned down home fare:

Cinnamon Oat Cake, fried till slightly crisp, slathered with real Maple Syrup.


c) for those of you who might need a little more protein to get motivated in the morning, the chicks supply a lovely selection of fresh eggs. You can even choose what colour you like; chocolate, blue, green. pink, white, beige, caramel. As always, I fry up a mess O' taters,onions and peppers fresh from the fields to go along with the eggs of your choice. And to top it all off you can have a great big slice of homemade bread toasted just right with a dollop of Strawberry Freezer Jam. (OK so, I did say just a little bit of protein.)

Hope you enjoyed your breakfast at The Little Farm in the Wildwood. Happy Thursday!


  1. oh, now I am so hungry and my peanut butter on toast doesn't taste so good

  2. Really? You do all those nice things for breakfast? I'll be right down!

    And thanks for stopping by - always good to meet another homeschooler. How old are the kids?

  3. Becca~sorry about that Pb on toast...shoulda stopped by :) I am just down the coast ya know.

    S.C~I would be glad to have ya! My kids are 4,6,9 and 12 going on married next week. I have been loving all of you advice on teens..LOL!

    Thanks for coming over!

  4. love this post... you make your own yogurt? Do share...

  5. Ummm... I'll be right over!

  6. Hmmmm... Eggs and taters sounds good, I'll take mine over easy with onions, wheat toast and some of that strawberry jam...Whaa Bran flakes? Again? UGH

  7. D.D.~I only make a nice big breakfast for all my bloggy friends....(pbbbbpt!) O' and my husband....if he is sweet and asks me nice. :)

  8. Oh, yum! I definitely made the wrong choice for breakfast! I love the eggs! Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for coming by! (Am I over-using exclamation points or what?!)


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