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Photo Friday

Wishing you all a Happy Friday and a peace filled weekend.


  1. Little peaceful columbine
    on Katie's farm reside
    Columbines of mine
    pushed too long aside
    Baking so long
    in the hot windy sun
    I'll write them a song
    without any fun

    Lo they die a needless death
    Lack of water stole their breath

  2. I don't have any farming tips for you either.

  3. Miriam, that is the cutest little poem anyone has ever written for me. Thanks!

    Looks like we are up a creek with the farming tips...anyone have any farming tips??

  4. hello Agent K lol
    lovely picture!

    and hey, I need the recipe for your cinnimon oat cake! that looks yummers!

  5. Be sure and plant lots of marigolds with your cabbage family to keep those cute little critters away that love to flutter by and leave little surprises for you.
    Sprinkle your wood ashes around to discourage those villainous slugs
    Then after you have gotten ride of all your enemies sit down and have a big piece of Friendship bread

  6. So how WAS your weekend? I have no farming tips - I'm on vacation. LOL


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